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Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from Cambridge. Our biennial cycle of congresses continues and we have our Croatian hosts to thank for a most enjoyable meeting in Zagreb in August 2016 - so especial thanks to Sasa Missoni, Barbara Cvitkusic and the rest of the organising committee. At the meeting it was a great pleasure to award Professor Pavao Rudan Honorary Membership of the European Anthropological Association for his very significant contribution and role in the EAA.

At this congress the EAA agreed to provide up to 3 pre-congress student awards for oral presentations of 500 Euros each and 3 congress student awards for poster presentations of 200 Euros each. One pre-congress award was and the winner was Ms Violeta Bartuskiene from Vilnius, Lithuania. Three poster awards were made to Ms Veronika Kovacova (Brno, Czech Republic), Ms Sanni Oversti (Helsinki, Finland) and Ms Sara Varano (Rome, Italy).

It is hoped that in 2018 more students will apply for the pre-congress awards.

At the General Assembly in Zagreb some important changes were made into the Organisation and running of the EAA:

  1. Membership fees: In future fees will be paid every two years. The new fee for 2017 and 2018 will be 20 Euros for ordinary members and 10 Euros for student members. Honorary members will pay no fee. The deadline for payment of the fee is by December 31st in the year preceding the EAA Council and Board elections (i.e. December 31st, 2017).
  2. Date of Election of EAA Council and Board: From 2018 the new EAA Council will be elected in April, followed by elections to the new EAA Board in May and both new EAA Council and Board will start on 1 July.
  3. Procedure of Election of the EAA Board: A voting bulletin shall be sent out to each Council Member. Except for Vice-President, if there is more than one candidate for any EAA Board position, council members may only vote for one candidate at each position. If there are more than 4 candidates for Vice-President, council members may only vote for up to 4 candidates. Voting is secret and shall occur by electronic ballot. To be eligible voting bulletins must be received within 20 days by the General Secretary.
  4. Tenure of Secretary General and Treasurer: In normal circumstance the tenure of the Secretary General and Treasurer will increase from 2 years to 4 years.
  5. Tenure of the President: The President who shall serve for a maximum of 4 years and cannot seek re-election.
  6. EAA regulations: The EAA regulations require updating and a committee comprising Professors Noel Cameron, Michael Hermanussen and Nicholas Mascie-Taylor was set up by the EAA Board to review the regulations and to generate new Statutes and Ordinances. This committee met in October and new Statutes and Ordinances have been drafted.
  7. Summer school in 2017: A summer school will be held in Poznan, Poland in July 2017 organised by Professor Maria Kazmarek, on the topic 'Human growth and nutrition and their applications to health; applied statistical analyses' for a maximum of 20 postgraduate students (preference will be given to PhD students and Master students) but postdocs can also attend if there are free places.

Other matters

  1. EAA Congress 2018: The 21st EAA Congress will be held from 22-25 August, 2018 in Odense, Denmark under the auspices of Professor Jesper Boldsen.
  2. EAA Congress 2020: The 22nd EAA Congress will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania under the auspices of Professor Janina Tutkuviene.

Can I take this opportunity to thank the General Secretary, Dr Annamaria Zsakai and General Treasurer, Professor Pilar Montero for all their hard work and dedication in looking after EAA matters and to Professor Noel Cameron for editing the Newsletter in its new format.

Nicholas Mascie-Taylor


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