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H o w  a n d  w h e r e  t o  p a y?




How and where to pay your EAA dues?



ATTENTION - the following important changes were made into the EAA membership fees:
• The EAA membership fee is paid every two years. The fee (e.g. for 2017 and 2018) is
20 Euros for ordinary members and
10 Euros for student members.
Honorary members will pay no fee.
• The deadline for payment of the fee: 31st December in the year preceding the EAA Council and Board elections (i.e. December 31st, 2017).
• The EAA membership fees should be paid in EURO.

A temporary EAA account is available until the new EAA account is not ready for use.

Details of the temporary account
IBAN: HU46 1177 5427 8166 0887 0000 0000
Name and address of the bank: OTP Bank - 2100 Godollo, Szabadsag ter 12-13, Hungary
Account owner: Annamaria Zsakai
Note: Please indicate the name and country of the EAA member who transfers the fee for 2019-2020 (10 Euros for students, 20 Euros for regular members). Thank you! Please send an email to as soon as the transfer has been ordered, the confirmation of the payment will be sent in few days after the transfer.

The respective addresses and bank accounts of Local Treasurers can be found in the list of National Representatives/Local Treasurers of the Home Page.




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