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New Elections - Time schedule



New elections will take place in 2012, the following time schedule will be followed:

  15/02/2012 The general treasurer reminds local treasurers that they should inform their members that only those who have paid their dues for 2011 appear on the voting bulletin for the election of the Council.  
  15/03/2012 Local treasurers give an update of late payments to the general treasurer.  
  15/04/2012 Sending the voting bulletins for the election of the new Council (to all EAA members who are in good standing and have paid their fees up to at least 2011).  
  31/05/2012 Deadline for receiving the voting bulletins personally and directly to Department of Biological Anthropology, Eötvös Loránd University, H-1117 Budapest, Pázmány P. s. 1/c, Hungary.  
  15/06/2012 Tallying of the voting bulletins of the Council by different Hungarian EAA members and postgraduate researchers from abroad who happen to be in Hungary at this period.  
  20/06/2012 Informing elected Council members and asking for written consent and for candidatures for posts in the Board 2012-2014.  
  30/06/2012 Deadline for receiving candidatures for posts in the Board 2012-2014.  
  15/07/2012 Sending voting bulletins with the candidates for the board to the newly elected Council members.  
  20/07/2012 Deadline receiving voting bulletins.  
  Congress 2012 The Board is tallying the bulletins for the new Board.  


According to the EAA Regulations all members (375) having paid their fees (for 2011) recieved a bulletin of vote for the new Council (a total of 104 votes were received).

The tallying of the voting bulletins was done in the Department of Biological Anthropology, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary, on the 10th of July, 2012. (There shall not be more than 2 representatives from any country. There shall not be more than 3 representatives from outside Europe in total with maximum 1 from any non-European country.)

Elected Council members were informed about their election, and were requested to acknowledge the acceptance of their nomination as Council Members. Finally, the 30 members of the new Council were elected. Each elected Council Member was asked whether she/he wanted to be candidate for a post in the Board. The list of candidates for Board elections was sent out to the 30 elected Council Members.

The tallying for the Board will be undertaken in Ankara, at the 2012 EAA Congress.

The final member list of the new EAA Council (2012-2014):

Name Country
BENNIKE Pia Denmark
BLAHA Pavel Czech Republic
BODZSÁR Éva Hungary
BOLDSEN Jesper L. Denmark
CAMERON Noel Great Britain
CHIARELLI Brunetto Italy
DEMOULIN Françoise France
GAPERT Rene Ireland
GODINA Elena Russia
GÜLEC Erksin Turkey
HULANICKA Barbara Poland
JANKAUSKAS Rimantas Lithuania
KAARMA Helje Estonia
KACZMAREK Maria Poland
KIRCHENGAST Sylvia Austria
MASCIE-TAYLOR Nicholas Great Britain
POULIANOS Nicos Greece
PROKOPEC Miroslav Czech Republic
REBATO Esther Spain
RUDAN Pavao Croatia
SCHAEFER Katrin Austria
SIVAKOVA Daniela Slovak Republic
SUSANNE Charles Belgium
TILLIER Anne-Marie France
TUTKUVIENE Janina Lithuania
ZSÁKAI Annamária Hungary


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