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Agenda of forthcoming meetings





November 30 - December 2 (Aarhus, Denmark):
2016 Annual Meeting of the Society for the Study of Human Biology. Info:


March 2-4 (Amsterdam, The Netherlands): 4th International Congress on Nutrition and Growth. Info:

April 17-19 (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA):
North American Meeting of the Paleopathology Association. Info:

April 19-20 (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA):
42nd Annual Meeting of the Human Biology Association. Info:

April 19-22 (New Orleans, Louisiana, USA):
86th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists. Info:

May 2-7 (Ottawa, Canada):
IUAES (International Union of Anthropology and Ethnological Sciences) Inter-Congress. Info:

May 22-24 (Amstedam, The Netherlands):
11th European Congress on Menopause and Andropause. Info:

June 9-10 (Girona, Spain):
3rd Iberian Symposia on Geometric Morphometrics. Info: Prof. Carme Rissech (Email: , Website:

June 12-13 (Rome, Italy):
11th International Conference on Childhood Obesity. Info:

July 12-14 (Barcelona, Spain):
XXth Congress of the Spanish Society of Physical Anthropology. Info:

July (Poznan, Poland): EAA Summer School 'Human growth and nutrition and their applications to health, applied statistical analyses'. Info: Prof. Maria Kaczmarek (Email:

August 24-25 (Toronto, Canada): 13th World Congress on Obesity. Info:

November 1-3 (Buenos Aires, Argentina): XIVth International Congress of Auxology. Info:


July 30 - August 3 (Florianopolis, Brazil): 18th World Congress of IUAES.

August 22-25 (Odense, Denmark):
XXIst Congress of the European Anthropological Association. Info: Prof. Jesper L. Boldsen (Email:




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